Support the Dream Video

The aging Clarksville High School was torn down to make way for a shopping center, but fortunately, the auditorium, built in 1934 with funds from The Works Progress Administration, was spared. Today the building is owned by the Town of Clarksville and has been repurposed as the 288-seat Clarksville Fine Arts Center and is leased to the Clarksville Community Players.

It continues to be a challenge for this rural community to raise money for the arts. For decades the economic prosperity of Clarksville was tied to tobacco and textiles. Today those industries are largely gone. The theater is the only place many children and adults can participate in music, dance, and theater arts. It has grown to include programs for children, young adults, and seniors. The facility also serves as a gathering place for community celebrations and performances.

The mpiTOO production team pre-interviewed all the participants to ensure that all material needed for the final video would be covered. “Support the Dream” video was shot in two days and to save money, utilized some footage belonging to the Lake Country Chamber of Commerce.

The goal was to get the video in front of donors throughout the four-year time-frame of the Heart of Our Town capital campaign.

To date the video has been included in fundraising packets delivered to corporations, shared via Vimeo to donors, and shown to chamber members at a public event. The video will be shown to groups attending events at the theatre.